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Hoodia Liquid Extract Vs Hoodia Pill

A lot of informative published materials are there to appreciate the Hoodia Gordonii and its astonishing ability to kill your hunger through its active ingredient. But a little has been discussed about the different forms by which you can take Hoodia such as tablets, pills, powder, liquid or even as a tea and which one of these forms is the best to take.

Which One is the Best?

If you are planning to take Hoodia Gordonii through tablets or pills, you may be surprised to know that you usually absorb some where between 2-20 % of its dietary value. Why is this? Well! There are silent ingredients called ‘binders’, which are included to the Hoodia throughout the manufacturing stages in order to hold the pills or tablets to together. When you consume the final product and take Hoodia as a tablet or pill, your body has no choice but to reverse the whole process. Many people find it cumbersome for breaking down and absorbing Gordonii supplements as pills becomes a real challenge to their body.

On the other hand, Hoodia in a liquid form can be absorbed almost immediately, and the majority of people will experience its effects in just a few minutes after swallowing it. Liquid Hoodia has a superior absorption rate as opposed to the pill/tablet while it can provide you with the same or better results than the pill or tablet even at a lower dosage.

A comparative study shows: -

a) Liquid form of Hoodia Gordonii is much more easier to take in, whereas tablets and capsules can be difficult to swallow for both minors and older people.

b) The liquid Hoodia absorbs immediately into your blood system, which helps you feel its effect almost instantaneously, while capsules and tablets can take a few hours to experience minimal effect.

When you intend to experience Hoodia Gordonii, consider having its power in the liquid form for maximum results.


Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a cutting-edge, advanced appetite suppressant, metabolism booster, fat burner and energy enhancer all in one. This is a supplement if you are looking for more than just an appetite suppresent.
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Hoodia Chaser is quickly absorbed into your body and starts working immediately to curb your appetite. Just a few drops of the Hoodia Chaser liquid extract will provide a more potent and effective dose of Hoodia.
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